ZacZess Dream Team

Are you over 15 years of age, have a big social media network, good sales skills and a lot of friends with an interest in horses? Then you would be the perfect fit for ZacZess dream Team.
 As a member in ZacZess Dream Team you have the possibility to earn money in the shape of a gift card if you recruit family members, friends and social followers to become customers through your personal link and personal discount code. You will always earn 20% of your "customers" order value in the shape of a giftcard at ZacZess.

Does this sound like you? Send in your application today!

  • I work actively to increase the number of followers on TikTok
  • I have an instagram account with 800+ followers
  • I have a big social media network and I circulate in the equestrian world
  • I work in the equestrian sport as a farrier, equine therapist, riding teacher etc.

    Our goal with ZacZess Dream Team is for you as a member to be able to share our vision and promote our products and clothes. To be a part of ZacZess Dream Team should be fun and its important to us that you feel that you can set your own goals and strive for success.  We also want to keep promoting our company, and together with YOU we can!

  • As a member of ZacZess dream team you always have 15% discount at
  • You make money in form of a giftcard when your friends shop at ZacZess
  • You get to be a part of ZacZess exclusive ambassadors community
  • You get to take part of news and offers before everyone else
  • You can end your membership whenever you wish

    How do you do it?

    1. Apply to be a member in ZacZess Dream Team here. 
    2. We handle all applications within 1 week.
    3. You will recive a message if your application got accepted or declined

    4. If your application is accepted you can start sharing your personal link and
    discount code.

    5. You can follow your achievments in the portal
    6. You will recive your earnings once a month
  • Who is behind ZacZess?

    The siblings behind ZacZess. Julia and Linn are the siblings behind Zaczess: After spending our whole childhood in the stable it made a big impact on the people we are today. We feel it's time for you to get to know us better and we have a dream to inspire more people to belive in themselves and their dreams and have the courage to take that next step! We have a dream with a clear vision and our journey has just begun. We want to thank all you for supporting us and for beeing a part of our comminuty. You make this the best job in the wold. There is no us without you! <3

    What does it mean to be a part of Dream Team?

    Our goal for you as an ambassador is that you will share our vision and will promote our product in a positive way. To be a part of ZacZess Dream Team should feel fun and it’s important for us that you feel like you have the possibility to work towards your goals. We want you to keep promoting our brand, and together with YOU, we can!

    What do I do by being a part of ZacZess Dream Team?

    • You are given a discount code of 10% that you can share to your friends and family..
    • You receive a personal link to
    • For every person that used your discount code or your personal link you receive 20% of the order value in a gift card that you can use at
    • You will be invited to our Zaczess comminity that only is accessible by our ambassadors. There we share information about upcoming products and sometimes, give you the opportunity to access the products before anyone else.

    What do I do by being a part of ZacZess Dream Team?

    • - Genuinely speak about ZacZess in a good manner in your social media and your surroundings.
    • - The collaboration starts with a 3 month probation period. If you have not recruited any customers that have made a purchase by then, your membership will be terminated.

    How do I become a member?

    You apply for your membership on, remember to give a detailed answer to the questions so that we can consider your application. The number of followers on your social media platforms doesn't guarantee or decline your application to be a member of ZacZess Dream Team. We manage your application latest within 1 week and we get back to you on the email you provided in our application. You need to be at least 15 years of age to be a member of ZacZess Dream Team.

    Where do I find my codes?

    If your application is accepted you will get access to where you will find your personal discount of 15% (this code is only valid for your personal purchases), you will also find a code and a link tat you can share to the people close to you. It's these purchases that will contribute to your discounts. At you can also track your achievements and see what purchases have been made with your code/link. You always receive 20% of the order value as a gift card and payments are done once a month.

    What happens if I dont succeed in recruiting friends/customers?

    We understand that its not always easy to recruit new customers but we want you to have initiated at least one purchace with your link/code every 3 months for your membership to continue.

    How long does it take before I get an answer on my application?

    Our ambition is to answer all applications within one week.

    Is there any notice period?

    Both parties can terminate the membership/collaboration without a notice. Memberships are terminated in the same moment as the second party has been informed in writing about terminated membership/collaboration.

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