Privacy Policy

What information do you keep? 
We gather information that helps us to provide you the service you wish, that includes:
IP address, Email address, Personal number, VAT registration number, Adress, Company, First name, Surname, Adress, Post code, City, Phonenumber

How will you use my information? 
We need to know some information about you to be able to provide you with information and payment information and statistics in line with this overall policy. We won't gather more information than necessary to provide our services to you.

How long will you keep my information?
We have accounting requeriments that we need to keep a part of your information to, after that your information will be deleted. 

Who do you share my information to?
Your personal information can be handled by staff in Sweden, no third party has access to your personal information as long as the law doesn't demand us to share it.

What are my rights?
Right to information: You can demand a copy of the personal information we have about you. Right to correction: We want to ensure that your information is updated and correct. You can demand to have your information corrected or delited if you consider it to be wrong. Right to eradication: You can demand us to delete your personal information. We cannot delete information that the law requires us to keep.Data portability: You can ask us to move your personal information from out IT to another one, either another company or to you. This does not apply to details that the law requires us to keep. Withdraw your approval: You can withdraw your approval to share your personal information or to receive promotions at any time. Either by subscribing from the message or by contacting us via email Complaints: You can at any time leave a complaint to the data protection committee if you consider us using your information in contrary to the data protection regulation

How can I use my rights?
If you want to use any of your rights you can contact ZacZess via the email that you can find at the bottom of this policy. If you want to make a complaint to data protection committee you need to contact them.

Updates in the policy
We can update this policy and the update will be published on this website.

How can you contact us? 
If you have any quesitons regarding this policy or how we use your information, or about your rights please contact us on the following address:

 ZacZess AB 

Ärnavägen 85

75594 Uppsala


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